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5028 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 260

Washington, DC  20016


Welcome to my practice

I am a clinical psychologist licensed in Washington, D.C..  I treat children, adolescents, and adults.


I have experience with a wide range of clinical issues and specialize in the following: anxiety and mood disorders, parenting skills, building interpersonal skills, and coping with typical issues and transitions (e.g., social, school, family, college, young adulthood, job change).  I also work with patients on adjustment to chronic illness and management of health-related behaviors.  My training includes a number of psychotherapeutic modalities -- cognitive-behavioral, family systems, psychodynamic, and behavioral approaches. The great majority of my work involves cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), however I bring in the other methods when I feel they may be helpful. 


My work is mostly with individuals.  When working with a child, however, parents play an integral role in the treatment plan.  Collaboration with a patient’s other healthcare providers (e.g., psychiatrist, primary care physician) and/or school personnel (e.g., guidance counselor, teachers) is done, with permission, when it may be helpful to the patient’s situation. 


My treatment plan is goal-oriented, and I work with the patient (and/or parents) to agree upon the aim of the therapy at the outset.  As goals are met, we discuss the best options moving forward.  Some people prefer to meet the main goal and end treatment, some prefer to spread out appointments and continue to meet to tweak and monitor progress, and some like to shift gears and work on something else.  I am flexible with the plan, as long as I feel the patient’s best interest is being met. 




*Please note that this website is intended to be an introduction to my practice, but not to be considered medical or psychological advice. 

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